Are you a Distributor?

We currently export Clinivet to 13 countries worldwide and we are always looking for new partners in new markets.

If you have a proven track record in getting product to market, successful sales experience and a passion for building new business, then we would love to hear from you. For further information on becoming a distributor for Clinivet, please contact us on 02894473840.

Are you a Reseller/Retailer?

Are you a retailer who has multiple pet shops and a desire to integrate your own brand into your existing super premium pet food offering? We have proven successful partnerships with small to medium sized chains of pet superstores, as these outlets tend to be large in performance, but are unable to manage their own brand creation process. If you believe this is an area you wish to explore and expand into then we would love to hear from you. For further information, please contact us on 02894473840.

Please find below testimonials from some of our current international partners.

Pet Boom, G. Katsikiotis and Co, Greece (Retailer)

“…we have an excellent cooperation with Clinivet that give us the feeling of confidence. That’s because our partners in Clinivet provide us the unsurpassed quality products through research and responsibility for healthy animals. On the other hand we find a direct response and answer to any question or difficulty we are dealing with and always someone ready to support and help us in our effort to develop this valuable food to our market. And the most important thing is that we don’t have an impersonal company to cooperate with but a good team of people who care and try to please their partners instead of thinking just the profit of their company.”

Bebra Serviss SIA, Andis Puida, Director, Latvia (Distributor)

“In the year 2010 during our visit of world’s exhibition for pet supplies (INTERZOO 2010, Germany) our company noticed Clinivet products and company Contact Marketing (NI) Ltd. The first impression was “This is product I want to see in our market.” I thought that design and feed composition are perfect for our market. We are receiving very good reviews of our customers and Vets about Clinivet products.

Our company is more than satisfied to have partnership with Contact Marketing (NI) Ltd. We are looking forward to raising our sales of Clinivet in the near future. We really appreciate help and support from Contact Marketing (NI) Ltd.”

Quality Limited, CEO Shigeru KAIZAKI, Japan (Breeder/Distributor)

“Clinivet is very quick in dealing with international businesses like ourselves and never fails to respond to any queries the customer has.

We also feel that Clinivet is very ethical and has integrity, supported by a shared sense of direction by all employees. I believe the personality of the chairman and the fact that his son, Steven, who is the CEO, and Jayne in product development all work together in creating high quality products, enables this company to be of such high standard.

We have not seen other British companies being very happy about doing something that increases cost or take up time, but Clinivet is different in this aspect. If it contributes to maintaining the high quality of the products, they respond to the customer’s request even if it results in cost or time. As a company dealing with a number of businesses, we feel that CM is an extremely reliable company with very high quality products.”